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our philosophy


Our students have complete responsibility for their own education and learn primarily through every-day experience. They are free to structure their days without interruption, flowing from one activity to another and investigating questions or focusing on topics for as long as they are interested. We trust our students and know they understand better than anyone who they are and what they need. Resources, including help from staff, are always available, and further resources from outside the school can be requested.


Freedom necessitates responsibility and must be balanced with respect for one another, the school space, and the democratic community. All students and staff are personally responsible for their actions and how their conduct affects the school environment. When students are trusted to manage themselves, they develop confidence and independence while also experiencing the challenges of responsibility.


Through the democratic process, our students learn to effectively bring and discuss matters that interest them to School Meeting. Here, each student has a vote in the decision making process on topics such as field trips, budget expenditures, or school rules. This process gives students the opportunity to practice advocating for themselves and others while experiencing the impact their own voice can have on school decisions. Nothing is more gratifying than seeing a student bring an idea to fruition, thus realizing how powerful their voice can be.

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