10 Things You Might Not Know about Sudbury School of Atlanta

Sudbury School of Atlanta

1. We are one of the most affordable private schools in the area.

Our base tuition is priced well below that of the majority of private schools in the Atlanta area. We also offer a tuition assistance program that is trust-based and fully transparent. If you feel Sudbury is right for your child, we do not want cost to be the barrier. We’re passionate about our school, and we want anyone who truly desires the magic of self-directed education for their children to have that opportunity.


2. We offer flexible scheduling options.

We offer a wide variety of scheduling options for our Sudbury families. You can choose for your child to attend anywhere from two to five days per week. You are free to pick the specific days your child attends (though we do ask that all students attend on Wednesdays, as that is School Meeting day). Even the timing of the school day is flexible. And because our model is fully self-directed, there’s no stress about missing important curriculum or “falling behind” when your child might need to miss a day of school.

* Due to state requirements, if you have a child six years old or older who will attend fewer than five days per week, you need to be registered as a homeschooling family.


3. Our students have unlimited time outdoors.

Any time a student wants to be outside, they simply notify a staff member who will accompany them and any other students who want to join. We have a playground, swings, a large green space, trees, dirt (sometimes mud puddles), sticks, rocks, bugs… all the amenities! We never force children outside – this is SELF-directed education, so we trust kids to choose what they need. But most days you will find Sudbury students happily exploring outdoors in all sorts of weather.



4. We are right down the road.

Sudbury School of Atlanta is conveniently located at 3260 Covington Highway in Decatur, about halfway between the City of Avondale and Memorial Drive. We are housed inside Avondale Pattillo United Methodist Church (no affiliation). That’s just 6 miles from Stone Mountain, 4 miles from Pine Lake, 2.5 miles from the City of Decatur, 1 mile off I 285, and less than a half mile from Kensington Station on MARTA.


5. The Sudbury method is a proven model of education that has been around for 50 years.

The first Sudbury school was founded in 1968 in Massachusetts. There are now over 70 Sudbury schools worldwide. Each school operates independently and has the freedom to decide their own particular policies and procedures, but the heart of the Sudbury approach stays the same – democratic, mixed-age, self-directed education where students are trusted and empowered.


6. The Sudbury School of Atlanta is in its 6th year.

Sudbury School of Atlanta was founded in 2012 by a group of passionate parents and community members who wanted true self-directed education in Atlanta. Each year, we have learned more and grown in our understanding of what we need and want for this special school. We are really proud of what we’ve built, and we’re excited about growing and evolving in the future. New families bring new energy and new ideas, and we are excited about what YOU can bring to this community.

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7. Sudbury is a mixed age school.

We enroll students ages 4-18. Our current student population ranges from age 4 to age 16. Our students mix freely throughout the day, as they desire, without any designated classes, groupings, or divisions. It is a beautiful thing to see the way they learn from one another, develop empathy, increase their maturity, and broaden their perspectives by being allowed to spend time with a wide range of ages.


8. When we say “self-directed education,” we really mean it.

At Sudbury, we don’t just kind-of-sort-of mean that kids have choices. Students truly have freedom at SSA. Staff members are there to assist, support, and encourage students, but they do not judge or push. We believe young people are wise, trustworthy, and deeply connected to their essential selves – and they flourish when given wide open spaces. We have no prescribed curriculum, no tests, no homework, no grades. It’s fascinating to watch the many different things students choose to do, and the ways their choices ebb and flow throughout a day, a month, a year. Students naturally choose activities that are fun and interesting to them, and those activities will almost certainly look like play. Will your child “just play all day” at Sudbury? The answer is an enthusiastic YES! This is where all the magic happens. This deep, free play facilitates whole-person wellness, as well as powerful, lasting learning on a wide range subjects and skills.



9. Sudbury students have a tremendous amount of responsibility.

Yes, students get to choose how they spend their days. They are deeply trusted. And they are also held to a high standard of responsibility. For example, there aren’t designated eating times. Students arrive with whatever food they need for the day, and they are in charge of listening to their bodies and eating as needed. Sudbury students are responsible for cleaning and caring for our school and our supplies. Sudbury students are responsible for making decisions, big and small, about how their school operates, utilizing the structure of weekly meetings where each student and staff member has an equal voice and an equal vote on whatever issues arise. Freedom and responsibility are deeply linked here at Sudbury.


10. Prospective students begin with a trial visit, so they can fully experience the model before officially enrolling.

After completing the initial enrollment process, we schedule a three-day trial visit for the prospective student. The student gets to be fully immersed in our school – to experience radical freedom and authentic responsibility – before making the decision to officially enroll. Our staff members support the prospective student as well as the parents and caregivers during this time of exploration and are available to answer any questions that might arise. 



Are you ready to find out if Sudbury School of Atlanta is right for your family? Please give us a call or complete this form to schedule a tour. You can also attend one of our upcoming open house dates  – a great opportunity to see the school, meet staff, parents, students, and ask your questions. We can’t wait to meet you!


*This post was updated 3/24/18.